Anticlove, a game of mysteries and flirting for girls

Is now available on Fictions !

AnticLove, the free Otome game where YOU are the hero!

AnticLove: a true fame for girls, a true game of love!

Immediately upon setting foot at the Research Center of the prestigious Palentir University to conduct searches, you'll find mysteries to solve, and relics from the past to unravel, and… meet really cute students! There, among others, you'll meet James Palentir, the handsome and mysterious son of the center director, and Jared, a second year student with a devastating smile. You can seek advice from him and share your secrets with him. Be careful how involved you get with these gorgeous students, as looks can be deceiving… It's up to you to separate facts from fiction!

The Otome game that combines flirting and mystery solving

Your curious nature inspires you to look for what's hidden, to solve mysteries, while your rebel side gives you the courage to smash obstacles when they get in your way. As you uncover mysteries, you sense deep inside of you that there is a chemistry worth exploring, and you get the feeling that it comes from this special place. Be careful, ask the right questions and get ready to explore secrets and mysteries!

Become a stylish adventurer and make new girl friends!

As the hero of your own adventure, you're in control of your own moves and interactions. Not only can you customize your look and wear stylish outfits, YOU are the one in charge of your own behavior. The story will unfold in accordance with YOUR choices. And since Anticlove is a pure girl game, you can join one of the Palentir campus' sororities: chat with other players and unlock new areas of the game! Ready to experience an intense story that's packed with action? Ready to uncover the true personality that lies within your deeper self?